STEM Career Assemblies

career_assem_inter_titleThrough STEM Career Assemblies, DeVry University makes STEM more accessible to students by linking to their real world interests.

STEM Career Assemblies is an assembly program designed to introduce STEM in a compelling and real-life way for 9th and 10th grade students through telling the story of The Science and Technology Behind Team USA, in partnership with the U.S. Olympic Committee.

team-usa-student-athletesA DeVry University College & Career Champion and an Olympic athlete visit each participating school and hold an assembly for 50-90 minutes. The assemblies can be conducted in a classroom, auditorium or gymnasium, depending on the number of attending students and preference of the school.

Highlights of the assembly include:

  • High-energy video demonstrating the intersection between STEM skills, sports and careers through the lens of Team USA and its partners
  • U.S. Olympic athletes sharing their stories on how STEM has impacted their sport and their individual performance
  • Discussion of STEM themes as they relate to sport and other activities of interest to teens

Are you a high school educator interested in bringing a STEM Career Assembly to your school?

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