Tuition & Expenses

A fixed tuition rate you can count on

When you're planning to go to college, it helps to know what's ahead. That's why we're offering the Fixed Tuition Promise. At DeVry, your tuition rate will remain the same through graduation. That's our promise to you.* We also help make college even more affordable with our merit-based Career Catalyst Scholarship for qualifying new students with up to a $20,000 lifetime award. We can help make the dream of a career-focused college education a reality.

*Tuition rates will remain effective through graduation for all matriculating students missing no more than five consecutive sessions of enrollment. Students readmitted to the University after missing six or more consecutive sessions of enrollment reenroll under prevailing tuition policies at the time they are readmitted.

2014-2015 Tuition Rates for Undergraduate Students

Standard Tuition Rates for New Students

$609 per credit hour

Active Duty Military Members & Spouses

$250 per credit hour


$518 per credit hour – valid for up to 24 credit hours

Fixed Tuition Promise Eligibility

All students enrolling in the July 2014 through July 2015 sessions across every degree program and level of study are eligible for the Fixed Tuition Promise. This includes students seeking undergraduate (associate or bachelor's) and master's degrees and graduate certificates from DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management.

The following exclusions apply to the Fixed Tuition Promise:

  • For graduate students, CPA Exam Preparation Courses are excluded from the Fixed Tuition Promise.
  • Canadian Students receiving Undergraduate Canadian tuition rates are excluded from the Fixed Tuition Promise. (Canadians pursuing graduate degrees pay standard tuition rates and therefore are eligible for Fixed Tuition Promise.)
  • Students enrolled in the American Pathways for International Scholars program.

Enrollment Requirements
Tuition rates will be locked in until students graduate as long as they remain enrolled at DeVry University or its Keller Graduate School of Management. Should tuition rates change in future academic years, recipients of the Fixed Tuition Promise may be exempt from increases.

  • Students must remain enrolled and progress toward graduation in accordance with university academic policy.
  • To maintain eligibility, students may not miss more than five consecutive sessions. Otherwise, they will be treated as a new student and will be subject to tuition structure and rates at the time they are readmitted.
  • Students who complete one degree program and decide to enroll in another program are subject to the tuition structure and rates at the time they begin their subsequent degree program.
  • External benefits such as those available through the Veterans Administration and employer tuition reimbursement, etc. can be utilized in conjunction with Fixed Tuition Promise. These processes remain unchanged.

Did you know...

  1. DeVry University students that benefit from some sort of financial aid
    DeVry University students that benefit from some sort of financial aid
  2. Million dollars available in need- and merit-based scholarships and grants
    $75 2
    Million dollars available in need- and merit-based scholarships and grants

In the 2014-2015 award year (7/1/14 to 6/30/15), DeVry will make $75 million available for scholarships and grants to new and continuing students who meet merit and need-based qualifications. For full details, visit

Credit for prior learning and transfers

Maximize your prior qualifying learning credits and you may be able to reduce the time and cost of earning your degree. Talk to us to see how your credits may transfer.

Additional Tips on Tuition

Tip 1: Make an apple-to-apple comparison when comparing tuition.
Some schools calculate their tuition on a quarter system, while others base it on a session. In addition, some roll numerous costs into charges that are not clear at first glance. If you are considering multiple colleges, it's important you get all the details on tuition and expenses, so you can make an accurate comparison of all your options.

Tip 2: Put your job to work for you with tuition reimbursement.
If you are going back to school while working, ask your employer about tuition reimbursement. DeVry University offers several payment plans that make it easy to get help from your employer to offset your college tuition costs. We even offer career assistance while you are enrolled at DeVry University to help defray your costs.

Tip 3: Do some digging for scholarship opportunities.
DeVry University offers millions of dollars in scholarships every year to help students subsidize their college tuition costs. In addition, tens of thousands of college scholarships, based on financial need, academic achievement, interests and special needs and criteria, are available to students. You could qualify; start digging. Explore scholarships.

Tip 4: Get all the credit you deserve by understanding your options.
While you're looking to finance your college education, be sure to take the time to check out all your financial aid options. Understanding what these options are and investigating all available sources will give you the best chance of securing the funds needed to make your education affordable and offset your college tuition costs.

Tip 5: Talk to a DeVry Student Finance Professional.
If you have questions about our costs, please contact your DeVry Student Finance Office. Or, click here to request more information on the ways we can help you make college affordable.

Tuition Charts

For tuition and expenses, effective for students who enroll beginning with the September 2015 session, please refer to the tuition chart below:

DeVry University undergraduate (PDF)

For tuition and expenses, effective with the July 2014 session, please refer to the appropriate tuition chart below:

DeVry University undergraduate (PDF)

DeVry University graduate (PDF)

Keller Graduate School of Management (PDF)