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Getting Started

Prepare for an affordable education at DeVry University.


At DeVry University, we understand that a college education is a big investment, that's why we work with you to put together the best possible financial aid package for you or your child. As you begin the process of applying for financial aid, here are things to keep in mind:

Apply early.

It's important to submit your application as soon as possible to be deemed eligible for assistance. If you anticipate relying on federal loan or grant programs in order to start classes at DeVry University, be aware that any federal loan or grant money for which you qualify will likely not be available to you until 8-10 weeks after you have correctly completed the entire 5-step application process.

Check for accuracy.

Just as accuracy and completeness is important for tax forms, it is equally important with financial aid forms. Please check paperwork and online documents for accuracy, completeness and signatures to avoid delays in processing.

Plan ahead.

To apply for financial aid, you will be asked to provide financial information based on the previous calendar year's tax information (for the 2014-15 award year, we ask for the 2013 tax information). The earlier families prepare their taxes, the earlier they can apply for financial aid (but no earlier than January 1 in any given year). Sometimes families are asked to verify the financial information on their applications. For this reason, keep all documents related to financial aid, taxes and finances in one place so that if you are asked to submit documentation, it will be convenient.

Think toward the future.

Consider how your situation might look not just for the coming year but in years ahead. For instance, if the number of siblings in college changes, it may significantly change the amount of financial aid a dependent student will receive. Other circumstances can also affect the amount of aid awarded from year to year. Accordingly, we reassess financial aid yearly (which means parents and students need to reapply every year).

Keep the lines of communication open.

Financial aid is awarded to the student; therefore, DeVry University's policy is to communicate with the student first as the person who will ultimately be responsible for his or her finances. Please be aware of this as you anticipate news about your or your child's financial awards.

Know that your information is kept confidential.

Please know that DeVry keeps all of your personal, financial and identifying information confidential. To this end, we ask for a student's ID number or other identifier when students call for information, not merely for our convenience, but as a protective measure for the student's information. Furthermore, federal FERPA laws govern the information we can give to the parent about the student.

DeVry Student Finance Professionals are available to answer your financial aid questions or concerns. To speak with DeVry Student Finance, contact your local campus or center. Online students can call 877-496-9050 to speak with an Online Student Finance Professional.