Classes start every 8 weeks
Classes Start Every
8 Weeks
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An investment you can count on.

Earning a college education is making an investment in yourself - and your future. A degree can open the door to more career choices and increase your earning potential. At DeVry University, we're committed to helping you explore every avenue for financing your education. That's why we offer students competitive tuition rates and numerous financing options.

Explore tuition rates and available financing options to make your education more affordable.


Did you know...

     Take three classes and save.* Each session your first six credit hours are      charged at $609 per credit hour, you benefit from a 40% savings on any      additional credit hours taken during the same session. The additional      credit hours are charged at a lower tuition rate.**

     U.S. military personnel serving in any of the five branches of the U.S.      Armed Forces (including National Guard and Reserves), and their spouses,      are eligible for DeVry University's undergraduate military tuition rate of      $250 per credit hour. That's a 58% savings from the tuition rate of $609
     per credit hour.

     90% of DeVry University students benefit from some form of financial aid.

Making your education more affordable.

DeVry University is freezing tuition at the 2012/2013 rate.

Credit for prior learning and transfers

Maximize your prior qualifying learning credits and you may be able to reduce the time and cost of earning your degree. Talk to us to see how your credits may transfer.


*Assumes student is taking two three-credit-hour courses
**Not applicable to students receiving the DeVry undergraduate military tuition rate