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Digital Forensics Specialization

Digital Forensics Careers Overview

Degree holders in this field will be poised to take advantage of expanded career opportunities. DeVry University's bachelor's degree in Justice Administration with a specialization in Digital Forensics can help you gain the skills, competencies, and technological expertise to employ analytic or scientific software and biological evidence kits, as well as the critical thinking and communications skills to analyze complex data and testify as an expert witness in court.

Professional Responsibilities

Career Options

Professional Responsibilities

When you earn your bachelor's degree in Justice Administration from DeVry University with a specialization in Digital Forensics, you'll be prepared to hold positions in the digital forensics career track such as crime scene technician, forensic scientist, evidence technician, latent print examiner, forensic specialist, and crime scene analyst. In a digital forensics career, your professional responsibilities could include:

  • Collecting evidence from crime scenes using biological evidence kits, footprint lifters, and specimen collectors
  • Performing tests on weapons or substances to determine significance to investigation
  • Using analytical or scientific software such as DNA sequence analysis software to analyze evidence
  • Preparing reports detailing findings, investigative methods, and laboratory techniques
  • Testifying in court as an expert witness in areas such as ballistics, fingerprinting, handwriting, or biochemistry
Career Options

DeVry University graduates of the Justice Administration bachelor's degree program with a specialization in Digital Forensics will be prepared for careers such as:

  • Crime scene investigator
  • Forensic examiner
  • Evidence technician
  • Expert witness

DeVry Career Advantage

From career-focused programs to our results-driven career services team, our focus is on preparing you for your chosen career.The proof is in the numbers. In 2013, 90% of DeVry University Justice Administration graduates actively seeking employment had careers in their field within six months of graduation at an average salary of $30,142.

1 Figure based on 2013 graduates self-reporting data to DeVry University Career Services who were employed at graduation or actively seeking employment in their field after graduation. Does not include graduates who were not actively seeking employment, as determined by DeVry University Career Services, or who did not report data on employment status to DeVry University Career Services.