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Health Information Technology Careers Overview

Healthcare is the largest industry in the U.S., and there is enormous demand for skilled health information technology professionals to design, operate, and maintain the technology that makes the healthcare system run. There's a strong career outlook for health information technologists like clinical coders, data analysts, patient information coordinators, and health record technicians. Your DeVry University education will help you gain these specialized technology skills, so you'll be qualified to work in hospitals, physician's offices, clinics, and other medical or mental health facilities, as well as for pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and vendor firms.

Areas of Opportunity


Career Opportunities

Areas of Opportunity

When you earn your associate degree in Health Information Technology from DeVry University, you'll be prepared for a number of booming career fields. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Healthcare Applications Developer: Design, build, and integrate advanced technological tools for the health care profession, helping others do their jobs more effectively as they care for patients. From developing the software that allows personnel to collect patient information to streamlining the processing of this information, you'll put all your skills to work in a dynamic, progressive environment.
  • Health Information Technician: As technology assumes a larger and larger role in healthcare, careers for information technicians continue to multiply. Using your knowledge of information technology, you'll retrieve, share, and make optimal use of biomedical data as a health information technologist. Specific job titles in this career field include Health Information Analyst and Clinical Information Systems Manager.

Careers in health information technology can be found in a wide variety of settings, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician's offices
  • Clinics and other medical or mental health facilities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Vendor firms
Career Opportunities

DeVry University graduates in Health Information Technology will be prepared for career-entry positions in areas such as:

  • Healthcare information systems applications development
  • Healthcare data acquisition, manipulation, analysis, and management
  • Biomedical information applications programming
  • Biomedical data acquisition, manipulation, analysis, and management
  • Database applications
  • Web applications
  • Applications software consulting
  • Sales and marketing support

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