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Network Systems Administration Degree Program

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Network Systems Administration Degree Program

Today nothing is more critical to successful business operations than effective networks. Earn your associate degree in Network Systems Administration (NSA) from DeVry University and become a valuable asset to any company. Use the tools and techniques embraced by leaders such as Cisco Systems as you learn how to maintain existing network systems and launch new ones.

Nearly every industry demands these types of professionals who can activate accounts and security controls, install and configure routers and switchers, monitor network performance, and troubleshoot problems. With new positions opening up and older professionals retiring, network systems administration promises to be a growing career field in North America for years to come.

Two Specialized Tracks: Cisco Networking Fundamentals and Networking Fundamentals (availability varies by location)

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Did You Know?

Cisco Network Academy courses can prepare you for industry recognized certifications, such as the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)

The Proof is in the Numbers

From career-focused programs to our results-driven career services team, our focus is on preparing you for your chosen career.The proof is in the numbers. In 2013, 87% of DeVry University Network Systems Administration graduates actively seeking employment had careers in their field within six months of graduation at an average salary of $37,691.

1 Figure based on 2013 graduates self-reporting data to DeVry University Career Services who were employed at graduation or actively seeking employment in their field after graduation. Does not include graduates who were not actively seeking employment, as determined by DeVry University Career Services, or who did not report data on employment status to DeVry University Career Services.

Associate of Applied Science Network Systems Administration *

Graduation Requirements

  1. full-time semesters
    full-time semesters
  2. credit hours
    67 2
    credit hours

(In Florida degree isAssociate of Science in Network Systems Administration; in Minnesota, New York, and Pennsylvania degree is Associate in Applied Science in Network Systems Administration.)


-63 in Minnesota

Career Coursework

Focusing on applying concepts and skills to real-world situations, DeVry's NSA curriculum may include these career-enhancing courses:

Introduction to Networking

Introduction to Routing

Introduction to Switching

Network Operating Systems

Voice/VoIP Administration

Introduction to Networking

Introducing the underlying technology of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and the Internet, this course covers networking media, the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model, transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP), an overview of routing and switching, and small network configuration and troubleshooting.

Introduction to Routing

This course introduces router configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting, routing protocols, and use of access control lists (ACLs) as a traffic management tool.

Introduction to Switching

Students in this course explore advanced Internet protocol (IP) addressing techniques, intermediate routing protocols, switch configuration and maintenance, and virtual area networks (VLANs) and related protocols.

Network Operating Systems

Windows and UNIX – This course explores basic operation and management of local and wide area networks using the Microsoft or UNIX network operating systems (NOSs). Topics include installation of server and workstation software, physical network configuration, network security, policy domain controllers, and performance monitoring and troubleshooting techniques.

Voice/VoIP Administration

Exploring technologies and systems that serve voice traffic, this course covers enterprise switches (e.g., private branch exchanges and Centrex), networked telephony solutions, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), call centers, voice processing and wireless systems.

To learn more about required and elective Network Systems Administration courses for this associate degree program, request information or see the undergraduate academic catalog.

On Campus, Online or Both

Take your classes at a DeVry campus location, through a mix of online and on campus classes, or via our online degree program. Each term you can choose the mix of classes that helps you balance personal priorities and keeps you moving toward your goals. Please note that program and course availability varies by location. Learn more about DeVry's Network Systems degree program online.