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Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering

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About a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering

Enhance your professional skills and abilities and become more marketable by earning a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from DeVry University. Tailored to the needs of engineering practitioners, this electrical engineering master's degree program focuses on advanced technical and hands-on design skills, as well as the professional skills that will qualify you for a more senior position in electrical engineering careers. Not only will you be prepared to handle additional responsibilities in your professional career as a working engineer, you'll be ready to develop creative solutions to real-world engineering problems in a global economy.

DeVry University works with professional engineers and industry leaders to design programs that produce graduates who meet their needs and provides a curriculum following the recommendations of the National Collaborative for Engineering Graduate Education Reform.

Master of Science Electrical Engineering (MSEE) *

Graduation Requirements

  1. Program Core hours
    Program Core hours
  2. Computer Systems Concentration-Specific hours
    Computer Systems Concentration-Specific hours
  3. Electives hours
    Electives hours
  4. Breadth Electives hours
    Breadth Electives hours

This degree program is only offered online.