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Higher Education Leadership Graduate Certificate

If you are interested in developing and applying initiatives that guide the overall practices of an institution of higher education, our graduate certificate in Higher Education Leadership gives you the abilities and understanding you need. With a focus on the study and evaluation of important, contemporary issues, proposals and reforms in higher education, this graduate certificate can prepare individuals from a broad range of bachelor’s degrees and work experiences, serving as a standalone credential or as a next step towards a Master’s degree.

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Degree: Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Leadership
Graduation Requirements:
- 18 semester-credit hours

Career Coursework


Our Higher Education Leadership Graduate Certificate may include these career-focused courses:

  • Higher Education Leadership
    This course examines theories of higher education leadership through contemporary cases grounded in history and practice and framed in approaches to "theories for action"
  • Student Affairs in Higher Education
    This course introduces the student affairs profession, from its historical and philosophical foundation, to practical aspects of organization and administration of services and programs supporting post-secondary students
  • Financial Management in Higher Education
    This course introduces cash flow management and fiscal responsibility in post-secondary settings. Financial planning for long-term (capital), short-term (operational) and self-supporting (auxiliary) resource allocations are emphasized.
  • Faculty Development in Higher Education
    This course examines critical aspects of career-long faculty development in higher education. Topics include design and process of establishing sustainable faculty development programs across institutional types.
  • Issues in Higher Education
    This course introduces major themes and issues in higher education, with current practices and challenges considered from their historical and social origins.

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