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Educational Leadership Graduate Certificate

With the educational system under more and more scrutiny, there is a greater need for qualified leaders who can promote change in the classroom. Our Educational Leadership Graduate Certificate, taught by professors who have experience in the education field, is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to help schools as well as districts address the challenges facing our students. The coursework in our graduate certificate gives you leadership training focused on K-12 school supervision to help prepare you to lead the future of education.

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Degree: Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership1
Graduation Requirements: 18 semester-credit hours

Career Coursework


Our Educational Leadership Graduate Certificate program may include these career-focused courses:

  • Contemporary Issues in Education — Evaluate viewpoints on contemporary issues and trends in education, including structure and purpose, accountability, accessibility, funding and policies. Aspects of grant writing are also covered.
  • Educational Research — Explore the skills needed to critically review, assess and evaluate educational research using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.
  • Educational Program Evaluation — Learn the theory and practice of program evaluation by considering stakeholder requirements, evaluation types and procedures and data collection approaches for balanced reporting.
  • Educational Leadership — Examine models of authority, decision-making, communications and conflict resolution, and learn how to facilitate leadership to create a work climate supportive of excellence in teaching and learning.

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1Due to state-specific regulations, credits and degrees earned from DeVry University do not automatically qualify a person to practice certain professions or gain certification in their field. Candidates must contact the appropriate state regulatory agency for their specific area of interest.