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Master's Degree in Education

With a national spotlight on education, there is a demand for leaders who possess both teaching experience and the skills to effectively shape and impact the future of the field. That's why we've developed our Master's Degree Program in Education, with concentrations in Curriculum Leadership, Educational Leadership and Educational Technology Leadership and Higher Education Leadership — to help educators advance in their careers and become tomorrow's leaders.

By earning a Master's in Education, you will have a better understanding of learning theory, research and assessment, curriculum development and educational technology. This combination of skills can provide a strong foundation for a number of educational leadership careers.

Flexible Study: Take your classes at a DeVry campus location, through a mix of online and on campus classes, or via our online degree programs. Each term you can choose the mix of classes that helps you balance personal priorities and keeps you moving toward your goals. Please note that program and course availability varies by location.

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Degree: Master of Science in Education1
Graduation Requirements: 36 semester-credit hours

Career Coursework


Our Master's in Education may include these career-focused courses:

  • Contemporary Issues in Education — Evaluate viewpoints on contemporary issues and trends in education theory and practice from both a school and national education perspective.
  • Educational Technology and Emerging Media — Explore how computers, web-based resources and multimedia are used to engage K-12 school students in problem solving, creative inquiry and collaborative learning.
  • Educational Research — Learn the skills needed to critically review, assess and evaluate educational research using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.
  • Educational Measurement and Assessment — Examine theories and techniques of educational measurement and assessment for curriculum planning, development, delivery, feedback and improvement.

To learn more about required and elective courses for our Master's in Education Degree Program, request information or see the DeVry University graduate academic catalog.

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1Due to state-specific regulations, credits and degrees earned from DeVry University do not automatically qualify a person to practice certain professions or gain certification in their field. Candidates must contact the appropriate state regulatory agency for their specific area of interest.