Electrical Engineering Master's Degree Program

On-Time Completion Rate

N/A* of students who completed this program between 7/1/11 and 6/30/12 graduated on-time (within the published length of the program).

Median Loan Debt

Graduates of this program between 7/1/11 and 6/30/12 had a median loan debt and are obligated to repay:
N/A* in federal student loan debt
N/A* in private loan debt
N/A* in institutional financing plan debt
Note: there were 4 graduates from this program during this reporting period.
* Not shown because 10 or fewer graduates

Program Cost Information - Current as of May 2013

The total cost for this program is $27,593. For more detailed information click here.

Program Occupation Information

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code assigned to the Electrical Engineering degree program is 14.1001 : Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering. Associated Standard Occupational codes related to this CIP code, and detailed information about the occupations graduates of this program enter, can be found at these links:

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