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Database Management Specialization

Master the principles, tools, and techniques used in the design, programming, administration, and security of database management systems with a Database Management specialization. As a professional in this field, you'll be relied upon to analyze the data needs of an organization or company, and determine how to organize and store the data in logical and useful ways. You'll be able to find a variety of database management opportunities, holding in-demand positions such as data analyst, database administrator, or database designer.

Follow a career track in Database Management by choosing this specialization when you earn your bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from DeVry University.

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Database Management Courses

When you specialize your Computer Information Systems degree in Database Management, your coursework at DeVry University may include these career-enhancing courses:

  • Advanced Database – In addition to data mining and warehousing, this Database Management course introduces database implications of efficient and effective transaction processing, including error handling, data validation, security, stored procedures and triggers, record locking, commit and rollback. Oracle and DB2 are the primary relational database management systems (RDBMS) used.
  • Database Administration – This course introduces a variety of database administration topics, including capacity planning, database management system (DBMS) architecture, performance tuning, backup, recovery and disaster planning, archiving, reorganization, and defragmentation.
  • Advanced Topics in Database – Students in this Database Management course explore database topics such as dynamic structured query language (SQL), complex queries, data warehousing, reporting capability creation, performance tuning, and data security practices and technologies.

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