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Health Services Management Degree Specialization

With an aging population and evolving regulatory guidelines, demand for knowledgeable professionals in the healthcare technology industry is growing. Earn your business degree with Health Services Management degree specialization, and become a qualified leader with necessary business and management skills who can handle all aspects of running a medical facility. There are a wide range of exciting careers in health services management, including assistant department head, assistant hospital administrator, or management positions in residential care facilities and practitioners' offices.

Follow a career track in Health Services Management by choosing this specialization when you earn one of the following bachelor's degrees from DeVry University:

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Health Services Management Courses

When you specialize your business degree in Health Services Management, your coursework may include these career-enhancing courses:

  • Health Services Information Systems – Providing experiential learning in hardware and software options for managing patient records, insurance and billing data, this course focuses on applying technology to developing and maintaining health services information systems.
  • Health Services Finance – This health services management course focuses on the complexities of healthcare financing in the United States. Topics include multiple payment sources and reimbursement systems; problems and issues in financial planning; and trends in healthcare costs and expenditures.
  • Healthcare Policy – Focusing on the impact of public policy on healthcare delivery in the United States, this course explores political, social, economic, and technological influences that underlie our policy-making process as well as cultural values and beliefs regarding health.
  • Managed Care and Health Insurance – This health services management course surveys the development of health insurance products and managed care approaches to the financing and delivery of healthcare services in the United States.
  • Planning and Marketing for Health Services Organizations – This course presents a framework for planning and implementing marketing initiatives for health services. Topics include market segmentation, targeting, positioning, and communication, as well as ethical issues and examples unique to the healthcare industry.

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