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Accounting Careers Overview

From monitoring resources in accounts receivable and accounts payable departments to information technology consulting, accounting careers combine business fundamentals with strong computer skills and a working knowledge of advanced technological tools to provide insight on finance, technology, and strategy.

Career Responsibilities


Career Options

Career Responsibilities

When you earn your associate degree in Accounting from DeVry University, you'll be equipped with the technical skills and the business sense to handle financial accounting and reporting, managerial accounting, and personal taxation. In a more traditional accounting career, your responsibilities could include:

  • Preparing bills and invoices
  • Maintaining financial data in computer and paper files
  • Computing wages for payroll records and reviewing employee timecards
  • Notifying customers with delinquent accounts in order to solicit payments

Accounting careers are found in a number of diverse environments, including:

  • Public accounting corporations
  • Multinational companies
  • Small businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government agencies
Career Options

DeVry University graduates in Accounting will be prepared for careers in areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Accounts receivable/payable
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cost accounting
  • Data entry
  • Microcomputer accounting
  • Payroll

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