Keller Fast Track

Save time and money with the Keller Fast Track

When you graduate from DeVry University, you may have completed up to four of the required courses for a master's degree from DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management, making you eligible for the Keller Fast Track program. Through this program, you may be exempt from certain Keller courses, saving you both time and money—up to 8 months and $9,000 in tuition savings. You also may be able to receive course waivers and defer payment on your student loan.

Course Exemptions
4 fewer courses = 8 fewer months = up to $9000 in savings

In the Keller Fast Track program, you may be eligible for up to four course exemptions,* which allow you to earn your master's degree by completing just 11 to 12 courses instead of the standard 15 to 16 courses. This could save you months in school and thousands of dollars in tuition.

Course Waivers

In addition, DeVry University graduates who have earned a grade of B or higher in qualifying courses can waive up to six required Keller courses and replace them with other Keller electives in order to customize their degree programs. Course waivers may allow you to take extra electives, such as courses of special interest, or earn a concentration or graduate certificate in your area of study.

Loan Payment Deferral

When you continue your education at Keller as a DeVry University graduate, you can defer any existing student loan repayment obligations until after you've earned your master's degree or graduate certificate. Plus, the higher salaries that you may earn with an MBA could help accelerate the return of your educational investment.

If you're a DeVry grad or about to graduate request more information on the Keller Fast Track program.

* Undergraduate courses presented for exemption consideration must reflect academic achievement of B or above. Course exemptions are not available in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.