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College of Health Sciences

Healthcare Informatics Degree Specialization

The field of Healthcare Informatics deals with health information and data related to their storage, retrieval, and optimal use for problem solving and decision making. Healthcare technology is driving the change and growth in healthcare today due to increased data and analysis needs. By earning a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration with a Healthcare Informatics degree specialization, you can acquire a thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry. This includes business skills and the technical expertise to analyze and interpret data for a more efficient, cost-effective and accessible healthcare future.

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Healthcare Informatics

Career Coursework


Our bachelor's degree program in Healthcare Administration with a Healthcare Informatics degree specialization may include these career-focused courses:

  • Health Services Information Systems — Apply technology to developing and maintaining healthcare informatics systems, including hardware and software solutions for managing patient records, insurance and billing data.
  • Health Services Finance — Examine multiple payment sources, reimbursement systems, the challenges of financial planning in healthcare and cost trends in the healthcare sector to gain an understanding of the complexities of healthcare financing in the U.S.
  • Healthcare Policy — Learn about the political, social and economic influences on public healthcare policy in the U.S.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analysis (with Lab) — In this healthcare informatics course, learn how to design and implement a simple data system in order to organize, analyze and make business decisions based on data output.
  • Project Management — Explore the life cycle of a project, gaining experience in budget and timeline management and learning how to function in a project leadership capacity.
  • Basic Medical Terminology — Become familiar with the common elements that make up medical terminology, including the foundations for words that describe the human body, conditions, treatments and medications, among others.

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