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College of Business & Management

General Management Degree Specialization

Take the next step in your education. Earn your bachelor's degree in Management with a specialization in General Management and gain the skills necessary to succeed in a wide variety of changing business environments and conditions. With the General Management program specialization, you'll develop the ability to formulate and communicate high-level strategies as you anticipate and resolve complex tactical details within an organization. The real-world education you receive at DeVry University can prepare you to work in all business disciplines and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the survival and success of the firm.

Follow a career track in the General Management program specialization by choosing this specialization when you earn your bachelor's degree in Management from DeVry University.

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General Management Courses

When you specialize your business degree in the General Management program, your coursework may include these career-enhancing courses:

  • Business Law – Introducing fundamental legal principles encountered in the business environment, this general management course addresses state and federal courts and jurisdiction, contract law, tort law, commercial paper, bankruptcy, suretyship, and accounting liability.
  • Global Issues in Business – Emphasizing major trade agreements and their impact from either a collaborative or a competitive viewpoint, this course explores ways in which business is affected in an international context in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, and operations.
  • Business Systems Analysis – This general management course employs current techniques to analyze business systems and activities and solve problems. By honing interviewing skills, navigating group dynamics, and developing process flows, data flows, and data models, students learn to identify, define, and document business processes and problems, and to develop solutions.
  • Internet Marketing – This course provides a review of traditional marketing strategies and demonstrates their use in building a viable online business. Emphasis is placed on coordinating Internet marketing activities with existing traditional marketing and developing a company's Internet presence.
  • Salesmanship – This general management course addresses the complex and demanding responsibilities of sales personnel, including forecasting, territory management, understanding customer expectations and buyer behavior, gathering feedback, communicating, budgeting, and relating sales goals to marketing goals.

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