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Mike Dellemann

2018 U.S. Olympic Hopeful

Education Keller Graduate School of Management student, MBA with a concentration in Project Management
Sport Skeleton
Hometown Oregon, WI

Mike Dellemann never does anything halfway. Whether it's athletics or getting his MBA at DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management, Mike dives in head first. Which is a good thing, especially when you're competing in Skeleton - a winter sliding sport where individuals streak down a frozen track on a small sled, headfirst, at speeds up to 90 miles per hour.

Born and raised in Oregon, WI, Mike grew up playing sports and participating in outdoor activities like waterskiing and hunting. Eventually, he became an All-American track and field standout at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. With such an impressive athletic background, Mike considered trying out for the U.S. Bobsled Team, but was asked instead to try out for Skeleton, a sport he'd never heard of.

Today, an Olympic hopeful after only three years of training, Mike is focused on not only standing out from his competitors in athletics, but in academics, too. In between his demanding training schedule, he is earning his MBA with a concentration in Project Management at Keller Graduate School of Management.

Mike credits the flexibility of Keller's online courses and the care and support of DeVry professors for making his educational advancement a reality. Studying at Keller means Mike has the freedom to train in Europe, Canada or anywhere in the U.S. and still keep up with his schoolwork. He knows that once he earns his MBA, he’ll be set up for success after his athletic career is completed. "All in all, there are about 100 Team USA athletes going to DeVry or Keller Graduate School. I think we're all doing it for the same reason: We all want to better ourselves. We all love the flexibility. And once we're done being athletes, we want to join the work force and be productive members of society and really shine."

With a Keller MBA, Mike Dellemann will launch headfirst into his future with a real competitive edge.

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