Marco Sullivan

2002, 2010, 2014 U.S. Olympian

Education DeVry University student, Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship.
Sport Skiing
Hometown Squaw Valley, CA

Someday, Marco Sullivan - three-time Olympian in Downhill Skiing and DeVry University student - would love to have his own business where he can teach kids about skiing and other outdoor activities. It’s a lifestyle he's known since he was two-years-old. Marco grew up near Lake Tahoe, where his mother worked at a ski resort; he and his sister would ski after school while they waited for their mother to finish work. Marco knows that a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Small Business Management from DeVry University will help him realize this post-competition goal.

Marco made the U.S. Ski Team at 18 and put off going to college to focus on his sport. Multiple injuries kept him out of racing for several years, but with physical therapy and patience he was able to make a comeback, and won his first World Cup title in Downhill in 2008. Marco knows that perseverance is the name of the game. He also knows that he doesn't want to start from scratch when his ski career ends.

When he heard about other athletes studying at DeVry, he wanted to learn more. He got a phone call from an advisor and they talked for an hour about what to expect. Marco thought that would be the last he would hear from anyone at DeVry; he was surprised to discover that, much like a coach, his advisor stayed in touch regularly to see how he was progressing. He also spoke to his professors whenever he had a question or concern. DeVry was much more interactive and involved with his success than he ever imagined a college would be.

Training around the world poses some challenges for Olympic skiers - such as finding Internet access in the mountains of Chile - but none that Marco can't overcome with the help and guidance of DeVry professors and staff. The flexibility to vary his course load has enabled him to work around the demands of his training regimen. After more than 16 years focused solely on athletics, Marco really appreciates how his studies have opened his mind to new perspectives and experiences.

Marco sees many similarities between sports and school: "In my sport I'm looking toward that gold medal; at DeVry, I'm looking toward that degree. It's all a work in process. You have training on both sides and you have tests along the way in both arenas. Either way, you want to give your best performance, whether it's in that classroom or on the ski hill."

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