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Katie Eberling

2018 U.S. Olympic Hopeful

Education DeVry University Graduate, Master's Degree in Education
Sport Bobsled
Hometown Palos Hills, IL

Life can change direction in a second, as Katie Eberling, 2018 U.S. Olympic hopeful and graduate of DeVry University, well knows. She was finishing her Division I volleyball career at Western Michigan University, graduating with honors, and preparing to start her dream career as a teacher. Then she got a message on Facebook from 2010 Olympic bronze medalist, Elana Meyers. Would she be interested in trying out for the U.S. Bobsled Team?

Even though she had never met Elana, Katie turned down a full-time job, traveled to Lake Placid, NY, and began training for Bobsled. After only a year of training, she and Elana won a bronze medal at the World Championships. While Katie wanted to continue training and go to the Olympics, she didn’t want to lose sight of her teaching dream. So she enrolled in the Master's in Education degree program at DeVry University.

Studying for her Master's Degree in Education at DeVry University gives her the opportunity to keep up with recent practices in a constantly changing field. Katie credits her professors and advisor support team at DeVry for making sure she never gets too stressed out. Even though she's never met them in person, she feels like she knows them and they know her; they help her manage the workload no matter where she is in the world. In fact, she feels that having classwork to do when she's not training has helped her be more disciplined and productive.

When Katie Eberling completes her athletic career, she plans to return to her life’s passion - working with children, either in a classroom or hospital setting. And she’ll have some pretty amazing stories of athletic glory to tell her students.

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