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Erin Hamlin

2014 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medalist

Education DeVry University student, Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management with a specialization in Sustainability Management
Sport Luge
Hometown Remsen, NY

Erin Hamlin, 2014 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medalist, is in her own words, competitive and motivated - the kind of person who jumps in with both feet. So it comes as no surprise that this DeVry University student is also an Olympic athlete competing in Women's Luge.

Throughout her life, Erin has always loved to try new things, which led her to many new sports and outdoor activities. Gymnastics became her favorite, which instilled a great deal of concentration, dedication and strength of mind and body. She then decided to channel this athleticism into luging at the age of 12. She worked her way through the U.S. National Team's developmental luge program and went on to compete at the 2006, 2010 and 2014 U.S. Winter Olympics.

Despite her demanding training schedule, Erin keeps her mind sharp and focused on the future outside athletics by pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management with a specialization in Sustainability Management at DeVry University.

She points to the support system at DeVry as truly outstanding. Says Erin, "I have had advisors who are constantly calling to check up and make sure everything is okay. Sometimes I have a question and before I can even think to email or call, I have a phone call waiting." In particular, she credits DeVry's flexibility and support with making it possible for her to continue in sports - something that she will not be able to do forever - and also prepare for her future.

Once Erin's athletic career comes to an end, she plans on using her degree to help corporations plan more environmentally friendly events. She's confident that her education at DeVry University will give her a head start on the way to a rewarding career.

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