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DeVry Student and Alumni Testimonials

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Can college work for me?

Jermaine Lee, Alumni, Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, 2005

After earning his GED® and facing his fears, Jermaine found success in college and his career.

Can I go back?

Jon Osten, Student, Bachelor's Degree

Jon joined the workforce before returning to college to earn a bachelor's degree.

Can I do it at my age?

Andy Seidler, Student, Bachelor's Degree

Andy is an older student who decided to start over with a college education later in life.

Can I do it after the military?

Chris Michaels, Student, Bachelor's Degree

Chris served in the military before setting his sights on earning a bachelor's degree.

Can I do this as a single parent?

Jennifer Mungula, Student, Bachelor's Degree

Jennifer is balancing work and family to find success in college.