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DeVry University Reviews: What Students are Saying about DeVry

Want to know what life is like at DeVry University? Read the latest DeVry student reviews or listen to student review videos that highlight their educational and career goals.

So far, so good.

I'm lucky because I don't yet have a full time job. But so far I really like the online courses and the teachers seem to be really engaged and helpful.

Love Devry

DeVry has so much resources to offer it is merely impossible to fail.  They are definitely here in every way to see you reach your goals.  Its very easy, they help you and guide you every step of the way.  I highly recommend DeVry to anyone wanting to be successful!!!!!!


This program has given a bit of information on what to expect in the real world, however I just started going to DeVry this past semester, and still new to the school, and cannot provide any further opinion since I just started. I am still trying to get a feel of DeVry.

Love the staff

Whether you are needing help with your classes, or have questions about how to do things, and even doing your admissions, there was always a staff member there to help. Especially the instructors, always answering questions, providing step by step instructions, making sure you have all the tools needed to learn and complete your assignments.

More than I expected from an online program

DeVry has surprised me. I chose an online program because it suited my lifestyle.  While I was happy to work toward finishing my degree, I was skeptical of the online format.  I wasn't sure if it would allow me to feel connected to my program enough to want to go the distance.  Almost two years later and only six courses away from graduation, I can honestly say that DeVry has impressed me.  The "more" that I got from them was a highly proactive, professional and knowledgeable staff, easy access to technical support, supportive professors and engaging discussions.  I am doing the hard work, and that is what any program takes, but DeVry delivers on their promise to provide a quality education.  I believe I will be ready for a career upon graduation.  I'm looking forward to commencement next summer!

So good!

I've taken 2 courses so far and it's been very good!  Lectures feel personal and directed at you and the instructor always makes himself accessible for additional assistance.

So Far

So far, I have been at Devry 1 Semester and it has definitely been a great experience. The instructors at Devry are awesome. They take the time to make sure you understand the class and if you have questions they make themselves available.

Great Program, Highly Recommended to others

The teachers are very helpful, they go above and beyond to help you! The material is very manageable. However, like any school financial aid is a pain.

Love the Program!

Overall a wonderful school. They go above and beyond to make sure your future is off to a great start.

DeVry Online

I'm currently enrolled in the CIS program and have ~1 1/2 years left until graduation.  DeVry's online program has worked out very well for me since I work full time and work odd hours.  The class requirements and flexibility of completing my degree online has allowed me to continue my education without major disruptions to my life or work.  The classes are fast paced and require as much time and effort as attending formal on campus classes, but the flexibility of online classes makes class, work, and life manageable.  Great Professors, relevant and up to date content, and challenging course work.

It's Been Great

I have had a wonderful experience, so far, with DEVRY.  All the staff have answered questions quickly, helped me handle my financial aid, and the advisors helped me get set up and ready for my first online classes.  They check in often to see if I need anything and always willing to help. I am a single mom with two children that thought going back to school wasn't an option for me.  They helped me begin a new journey that I am excited to take. THANKS DEVRY!

Love my Medical Billing and Coding major

Since day one, I've been receiving excellent outstanding help with issues or questions that I had needed resolved its the best school ever. If your ever wondering which School to choose take my advice choose Devry University in Chicago Illinois whether its on campus or online.

I recommend the Management Program

DeVry has some really good instructors who really care and want to make sure we (the students) learn. I have attended other universities and the instructors sometimes do not make time for their students to be able to call or meet with them. I appreciate the instructors for what they have done here at DeVry.

So far, so good.

I'm lucky because I don't yet have a full time job. But so far I really like the online courses and the teachers seem to be really engaged and helpful.

Devry is Truly an excellent School

This program has really changed my life and helped me to become business professional as well as acquire some serious skills in graphic and multi media management. I really love the people and the atmosphere... The professors are passionate about seeing you succeed. Those are the people I will never forget.

Transcendent Campus

Being at Devry is helping reach my goals in what I want to accomplish. The teachers take their time to help you and they are really available to help at any time of day.