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College of Business & Management

      Business Administration
      Technical Management
      Business Information Systems
      Business Intelligence and Analytics Management
      Criminal Justice
      General Management
      Global Supply Chain Management
      Health Information Management
      Health Services Management
      Hospitality Management
      Human Resource Management
      Project Management
      Sales and Marketing
      Security Management
      Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
      Sustainability Management
      Technical Communication
      Business Administration (MBA)
      Accounting & Financial Management (MAFM)
      Human Resource Management (MHRM)
      Project Management (MPM)
      Public Administration (MPA)

College of Engineering & Information Sciences

      Electronics and Computer Technology
      Network Systems Administration
      Biomedical Engineering Technology (not available online)
      Computer Engineering Technology
      Computer Information Systems with specializations in:
         Business Management
         Computer Forensics
         Database Management
         Enterprise Computing
         Flex Option
         Health Information Systems
         Information Systems Security
         Systems Analysis and Integration
         Web Development and Administration
         Web Game Programming
      Electronics Engineering Technology with a specialization in:
         Renewable Energy
      Game and Simulation Programming
      Network and Communications Management
      Electrical Engineering
      Information Systems Management
      Network and Communications Management

College of Health Sciences

      Health Information Technology
      Neurodiagnostic Technology
      Clinical Laboratory Science
      Healthcare Administration with specializations in:
         Healthcare Informatics
         Healthcare Management

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

      Communications with specializations in:
         Business Communication
         Communication Design Management
         Emerging Media Communication
         Technical Communication
      Justice Administration with specializations in:
         Digital Forensics
         Emergency Management
      Education, Master's Degree with concentrations in:
         Curriculum Leadership
         Educational Leadership
         Educational Technology Leadership
      Educational Technology, Master's Degree
      Curriculum Leadership
      Educational Leadership
      Educational Technology
      Educational Technology Leadership

College of Media Arts & Technology

      Web Graphic Design
   Bachelor's Degree Programs
      Multimedia Design and Development with specializations in:
         Graphic and Multimedia Design
         Graphics and Multimedia Management
         Web Design and Development
         Web Game Programming

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