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Career Assessment

Take stock of your interests and aptitudes for career success.


Assessing your career choices from time to time can be a valuable exercise. Whether you recently began your undergraduate or graduate education, embarked on your professional career years ago, or are thinking of retooling your skills to enter a new field, it's important to take stock of your interests and aptitudes.

Following are links to a few online career assessment instruments. Some assessments are complimentary, while others require a fee. DeVry University's career services team can also offer career direction exercises. Contact your advisor for more information.

DeVry's Personal Career Guide
Complete our Personal Career Guide and discover where your true interests may take you in a career. Our unique assessment can help you find the right career match and the degree program that can help you get one step closer to career success.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment
This popular assessment tool, used worldwide, helps you understand your personality preferences and then, based on these characteristics, provides a list of career fields that potentially suit your personality. Fee required.

Human Metrics Web Site
Tap into this site—at no cost—to take advantage of thought-provoking assessments that can provide insight into your skills, aptitudes, interests, strengths, etc.

The Career Key
This online tool will first help you identify your interests, then guide you toward corresponding college majors and educational programs. Fee required.

This assessment tool helps identify personality strengths and how they correlate with specific career fields. Fee required.