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Professional Designs You Won’t Believe Came from a Recent Grad

By DeVry University

Creating professional designs for marketing purposes takes skills and experience – two things recent graduate, Melisa Mangal, obtained at DeVry University.

Mangal graduated from DeVry University in February 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science in Multimedia Design and Development with a concentration in Graphics and Multimedia Design. She now works for a company that manages more than 70 charter schools across several states. Her role is to create and manage promotional materials for campaigns designed to drive enrollment.

While Mangal hasn’t been part of the company for long, she has several outstanding designs created under tight deadlines. Take a look at a few of the designs that are now in front of her company’s targeted consumer thanks to Mangal’s design skills.  

Message on the go

Mangal’s first opportunity to create a mobile billboard came after only two months on the job. She had to create an ad that would be simple to digest and catchy enough for someone to remember after a quick glance. She had to do a bit of problem solving to make sure her software could create the design to the correct specifications, and was pleased with how turned out. 

Big presentation, big deadline

The clock was ticking as Mangal finished a design for posters and handouts for her CEO to use at an education summit. She got the assignment around 11 a.m., and finished a final concept at 2:30 p.m. After final tweaks and edits, the entire campaign, which included website pages, social media pages and promotional swag that was rushed for delivery, was finished by 6 p.m.

The project pushed Mangal’s talents and abilities, and it received rave reviews from peers and supervisors.

Roundup Postcard

Working for charter schools requires producing quite a bit of promotional material that looks fresh, is memorable and conveys the right message. Mangal created a mailing postcard to advertise an event at a charter school. Since the school is located in an equestrian area, she tied a western theme into the project.

Mangal applies the skills she learned at DeVry University on a daily basis. Now, DeVry University students have the opportunity to learn these skills through undergraduate certificate programs including Website Design and Website Development.

The undergraduate certificates give students the opportunity to learn specific skills while also earning a credential to add to their resume.

“I believe certificates are a great option for students as they show employers that a certain level of knowledge is obtained,” Mangal says.

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