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Program Requirements

Selected program/format requirements.

Certain degree programs at DeVry University have special program admission requirements. These programs include:

  • Game & Simulation Programming
  • Management and Technical Management
  • Neurodiagnostic Technology
  • Master's in Education
  • Master's in Educational Technology
  • Master's in Electrical Engineering
  • Accelerated or Online Coursework 

If you are interested in one of the programs listed above, please review the following information. It provides additional details you need to know before applying. More detailed information regarding admissions requirements can also be found in DeVry University's academic catalogs

Game & Simulation Programming


Applicants to the Game & Simulation Programming program must demonstrate college-level skills that indicate they are prepared to enroll directly into the program’s standard-level coursework and do not require transitional studies coursework.


Note: Internal transfers from any DeVry program into the Game & Simulation Programming program are not permitted.


Management and Technical Management


Applicants to the Management and Technical Management programs must have successfully completed at least 12 semester-credit hours at a recognized post-secondary institution, or must hold a DeVry University recognized associate degree or higher.


Neurodiagnostic Technology

Special Admission Requirements for Neurodiagnostic Technology Program Applicants

Applicants to the Neurodiagnostic Technology program must demonstrate college-level skills that indicate they are prepared to enroll directly into the program’s standard-level coursework and do not require transitional studies coursework.


Master's Degree Programs

To be admitted to DeVry University’s graduate school, applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from a University-recognized post-secondary institution. Such institutions include:


  • Institutions accredited by U.S. regional accrediting agencies
  • Institutions accredited by selected national accrediting agencies
  • International institutions recognized as equivalent to a U.S. regionally accredited institution

 For detailed admissions information please see the Graduate Academic Catalog.


Online Coursework


To be eligible for study in online coursework, applicants must:


  • Meet all general admission requirements, including the college-level skills evaluation.
  • Own or have off-site access to a PC or laptop computer that meets location- or program-based requirements, including Internet access.