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Welcome to DeVry University admissions.

Once you've decided to advance your education, a complicated college admissions process shouldn't stand in your way. At DeVry University, all it takes is a few simple steps.

DeVry's Self-Guided Admissions Pathway

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U.S. Students

Begin the U.S. student application process for admission to DeVry University.

Military Students

Following World War II, DeVry University was one of the first schools approved to use the original G.I. Bill. Today, we remain committed to helping you achieve academic success as you continue to serve our country. Visit our Admissions for Military Students to read more college admissions information related to your branch of the U.S. military.

International Students

DeVry University has a special admissions process for international students designed to assist you in finding the degree program and location best suited for your needs. Visit our Admissions for International Students to learn more about DeVry University and our college admissions requirements.