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Academic Programs with ESL Component

The academic programs1 with ESL component at DeVry University, allows international students who has not met our Proof of English Language Proficiency the opportunity to be admitted to DeVry. The program consists of four courses of ESL courses moving from a focus on grammatical structure of English to more advanced essay writing skills and reading comprehension skills necessary to succeed in the university environment.

To be admitted to the ESL program in Fremont, applicants will take the DVUAC admissions test in reading and writing. Students who place Skills Development (SD) or Prerequisite (PR) will be considered admitted to DeVry’s undergraduate or graduate programs. Students will be placed into one of the ESL courses based on a separate ESL placement exam taken upon arrival at the Fremont campus. Students in the Advanced courses are allowed to enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses if the pre-requisites are met.

Course Offered

The ESL component offers four courses: Intermediate I and II and Advanced I and II. Courses will be offered on a session based format and broken into two separate courses at each of the two levels: ESL036 and ESL037 for Intermediate I and II and ESL046 and ESL047 for Advanced I and II.

Intermediate ESL I and II (ESL036 and ESL037)

Intermediate ESL includes sophisticated reading selections, an introduction to the organization and development of the multi-paragraph essay, and an introduction to secondary research and preliminary written documentation standards and techniques.

Students are given assignments that incorporate both lower-level and higher-level cognitive skills, reading 1-4-page selections on a variety of topics and answering questions from the literal comprehension to the inference and critical thinking levels. Students are then given opportunities to apply knowledge culled from these readings to the composition of original, multi-paragraph essays, always with the major focus on grammatically correct structures and clear communication of ideas.

Advanced ESL I and II (ESL046 and ESL047)

Advanced ESL continues the developmental approach to academic writing and also covers the organizational skills necessary for research and documented writing. This course goes beyond essay writing and thesis development to include research and library skills for both research writing and the synthesis of the research through oral presentation.

Thus, speaking skills prepare the students for future class work and workplace requirements and essay and research writing.

1 currently available at the Fremont campus